Open Soccer Therapy

A series of soccer based workshops to support local communities in the provision of life skills and the prevention of substance abuse.

The aim of these sessions is to help local educators and peer leaders raise awareness of the risks of substance abuse in their communities and how to avoid them, using soccer as the tool. This training curriculum has been designed as a preventative and awareness raising tool and not as part of a treatment or rehabilitation program.

The approach involves facilitating open debates, delivering educational messages, and developing important life skills, using fun and interactive soccer sessions as a tool to get messages across. The method is not about scaring people, lecturing, judging behaviour, or telling others what to think or do. It is about empowering young people to make informed and confident decisions themselves, and giving them a space where they can discuss issues openly and ask questions, with help from an informed and trusted facilitator.

Our Open Soccer therapy is free to play and is funded by your generous donations and our other educational programs.

We aim to facilitate the games once a week at the following locations, though team size depends on the players! So Get Involved, if you or someone you know would benefit from a casual kick-around with experienced counsellers, mental health experts and other local youths simply call our friendly staff!

Tuesday night, Manly Skate & Recreational park; Graham Reserve Pittwater Road, Manly NSW

Sundays, Parramatta Park; Pitt & Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW

Sundays, Wickham Park, Newcastle NSW


Contact us to join!