Alcohol & Other Drug Counseling Services

There are times in life when we need to reach out beyond familiar surroundings for help. Sometimes, just talking about the difficulties we face can help ease our burdens and worries, or simply paint a clearer picture for us.

RightPath counselling services offer professional support to those experiencing alcohol or other drug issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We work within a harm minimisation approach and can help develop coping strategies.

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Psychologist or Psychiatrist Report for Criminal Matters


Have you been charged with a criminal offence while you were struggling with a mental health problem?

Sometimes, you can raise a mental illness defence and be found ‘not guilty’ on that basis. In other situations, a ‘mental condition’ can result in your charges being dismissed as long as you enter into a ‘treatment plan’; or alternatively, can lead to a more lenient penalty if you wish to plead guilty.

Depression, anxiety and a whole host of other mental health issues can contribute to the commission of offences, and it can be good for the sufferer – and for the community in the longer term – to be diverted towards help rather than punished under the usual sentencing regime.

Many of our clients have benefited in their court case from visiting well-regarded mental health professionals and obtaining appropriate reports.

Often cases are dismissed or penalties reduced on the basis of mental conditions. We can connect you with professional psychologists or psychiatrists for the treatment you need to overcome underlying issues.